Registration / Enrolment

Hüttermann / DAAD

To study at a German university, you have to register or enrol. Once you have done this, you are entitled to make use of all the services available at your university.

Once you have registered, you officially obtain the status of a student.

Only when you have registered are you entitled to attend classes, take exams, receive an academic degree and make use of university services such as the library, computer rooms and sports facilities. As a registered student, you may apply for a student ID, a library card, an e-mail address and access to the university intranet. Your registration number is often your password for important internal university communications such as enrolment lists for seminars or examination results.

How to register?

Your application for a place at university has been successful? You have received an acceptance letter? If so, now is the time to register!

Either download the application form for registration online or collect it personally from the Registrar's Office and fill it in.

Then transfer the semester fee or contribution to the account indicated on the application form. The semester contribution ranges from 50 to 250 euro depending on university and federal state.

Important! Once you have registered at a university, you "re-register" for subsequent semesters by transferring the semester fee.

Each university organises its registration procedure in a different way. In most cases, you are required to go to the Registrar's Office in person. At some universities, you may also submit your completed application form online or by post. You will be informed of the procedure when you receive your letter of acceptance or if you contact the International Office.

Important! Registration deadlines are often short.

Documents needed for registration

You can find out which documents you need to take with you when you register in the letter of acceptance or by inquiring at the International Office.

You may be required to present the following papers when you register:

Please note: You have to present these documents even if you did so for the admissions procedure.

As soon as you have registered, you will receive a registration certificate. With this certificate, you can carry out all further steps, such as applying for a residence permit from the foreigners' authority. You should now also register at the student registration office in your faculty/institute and at your department library. It is also advisable to enrol promptly for especially popular classes, such as language courses, to ensure you get a place.

The registration certificate replaces your regular student ID which you will be able to collect or is sent to you by post at a later date. Your student ID entitles you to use all facilities at your university, and you will receive discounts on many public services, such as local transport, museums, theatres or public baths.

You've made it! Now that you are registered, you are officially a student at a German university. The next step is to organise your course of study.